New Year, New Roof: How to Choose the Best Roof for Your Home in 2023

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The new year has begun. We like to take the start of a new year as a time to make plans and focus on doing things better in the upcoming months. We call them “resolutions”. They can be hard to keep sometimes, as habits are hard to break. However, experts tell us that if we make a worthwhile plan, and take small steps, the goal can come true. 

So, let’s take some time and focus on your roof, considering that is what brought you here. You are obviously in need of a new roof, or perhaps you desire to just upgrade the look of your home. There are many things to consider when deciding on a new roofing system and it can seem quite overwhelming. However, when we break it down into smaller steps, you will have a new roof on your home in no time by contacting roofing companies okc

To start, there are several options for roofing materials to choose from. 

Asphalt shingle, new roof, Oklahoma City


The asphalt shingle roofing system is the most common and for clear reasons. 

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • No worry of rust or corrosion
  • Areas of damage are easily replaced
  • Variety of colors and styles to choose from
  • Traditional look


Homeowners lean toward this roofing type because of the extended life span. Here are some other reasons it is becoming a wise choice.

  • Lightweight
  • Maximum rain and snow shedding
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Moss and fungus proof
  • Fire-resistant


Cedar roofing, new roof, Oklahoma City

For sophistication and attractiveness, look no further than cedar roofing system.

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Storm and weather resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Pleasant smell
  • Repels insects
  • Damage resistance


To ensure you won’t need to replace your roof again, lean toward a tiled roof.

  • Long-lasting – nearly 100 years
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Impervious to rot and mildew
  • Resistant to water, frost, fire, wind
  • Beautiful and distinctive


Slate, roof replacement, Oklahoma City

The pinnacle of roofing materials.

  • A lifespan of up to 200 years
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Mold resistant

Perhaps you have decided which is best for your home after reading the key points of each material. Or, perhaps you are all the more confused. Contact OKC Roofers in Oklahoma City! We have over a decade of roofing experience in providing quality roofs for your friends and neighbors. We have been regarded as the #1 commercial and residential roofing business in the Oklahoma City metro area. We offer the utmost professionalism and ensure that all projects are done on time and to your satisfaction. 

If you are confused and need help deciding which roofing system is best for you, your family, and your budget, we are the professionals to assist you! We have a no-pressure sales team ready to provide you with all of the information so you can make a wise decision. 

Here are a few other key points to discuss with us when you call. 

  • Roof Slope – if the slope of your home is minimal, consider a leak-resistant roofing material to prevent excess water buildup
  • Architectural Design – Is your home traditional? French-chateau? Woodsy and natural? Modern? We have a roof for that! 
  • Maintenance – Each roofing system has different methods of maintenance procedures. Be sure to discuss these when we meet
  • Weight – Asphalt is a lighter material while tile and slate are heavier. Inquire about the integrity of your home structure in supporting the desired material
  • Price – We have financing options available so don’t forget to ask about that! 

A new roof can easily be obtained in 2023 by contacting roofing companies oklahoma city when you take the steps to make it happen. Step 1 is to call OKC Roofers at (405)796-8858 to discuss how we can help you with your roofing needs. We help keep your roof overhead in top condition so you and your family can sleep safe, sound, and protected. Call today for a free inspection! 

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