How OKC Roofers Helps To Solve Your Roofing Crisis In COVID-19

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Covid19 has changed the way we interact with the world. Hence, you will find that it’s almost impossible to do things the same we used to do before because technology has evolved, and people interact differently. In addition, processes have changed due to this pandemic. This change in how we deal with things has affected many industries, including how the roofing companies in OKC operate.

The construction sector is vital. Hence, it’s crucial to find a viable solution for the companies, contractors, and consumers to interact safely and harmlessly to fix all the roof repair OKC issues since roofs are unarguably an essential component in a house. You should not be worried about leakages, cracks, and other problems in these challenging Covid19 times while living in Edmond, Norman, and surrounding areas; hence, make sure you read this article to understand better how the Oklahoma City roofing businesses operate in this pandemic.
Most roofing contractors in Edmond and nearby have shifted their operations online and have digitized the process of getting your roofing repairs done; in this article, we will cover those details in depth.

Never delay roof repairs

Ignoring your roofing needs can be a grave mistake as it can lead to leakages and water damage, which can make your structure weak if left untreated. Instead, you should immediately engage a private contractor or repair company to prevent these issues, including molds. These roofing companies and contractors have their protocols and work models, which should align with the models and work guidelines set by the World Health Organization, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, among others. Moreover, when finalizing your roofing contractor, ask them about which tools they will need, their working hours, working attire, and other machinery so you can have a good idea of what you are dealing with.

Some of the regulations that your roofing contractors should follow are the guidelines set up by various health and safety organizations. Moreover, social distancing is also critical in these testing times of the pandemic and should be observed. Digital transactions should also be stressed to limit contact between contractors and customers. Many roofing companies in Edmond and Norman are currently doing this.

Contact-less Hiring

One of the most important precautions you can take in these testing times is to limit your exposure and contact with people to prevent the virus from spreading; hence we will talk about some methods to inspect, set up an appointment and hire a contractor using digital services.

You can search for roofing contracts in Oklahoma City online and look for roofing companies in oklahoma willing to work with you remotely. Moreover, you can contact these contractors on their contact details and opt for Zoom or Google Meet as a virtual meeting space. These two services have emerged as the most successful and widely used virtual meeting spaces during the pandemic. Moreover, you can ask for all the cost breakdowns and project timeline estimates in that meeting and ask for more virtual meetings until you agree with the respective firm/contractor.

Furthermore, inspections can be done on virtual meeting spaces as you can provide your contractors with pictures of the damaged areas and your roof so the estimate can be as accurate as possible. Google Maps is another excellent service that contractors can use to figure out the dimensions of your room, so there is no need for a physical inspection, which again allows most of the work to be done remotely.

Moreover, the contract can be drafted and signed online as well. Apart from this, the payments can be made through online wire transfers or other modes without ever having to pay in cash, eliminating and minimizing human contact.

Roofing Shingles

There are many ways to pick your roofing shingles for your new roof. On our website, you can search for all the latest roofing shingles, their colors, and designs all in one place. Moreover, there are several built models for you to help decide and take inspiration from.

However, we understand how difficult it can be to judge what color will go along with your theme or if a particular design will look on your roof, so we will urge you to use software like DesignEyeQ, as it will help you to visualize how your selected roofing shingles will look. This will help you decide more efficiently and help you visualize some designs better. This tool is beneficial and is available on our website as we are one of the leading roofing businesses in Oklahoma City.

All you need to do is take a decent picture of your roof in good lighting, upload it to the software, and let it do the rest. DesignEyeQ will allow you to add different shingles of different textures and colors and enable you to see what your idea will look like in real life to make an educated and well-informed decision.

Samples Are Important

Now that you have decided on some shingles and are confident, your search has narrowed. We will let you select up to five shingle samples to be sent to you. First, however, you will have to pay for shipping. Once you have the samples, which are only a few inches across, you can see those in real life and better visualize if they look good on your roof. This lets you see the colors and feel the texture, knowing what you are getting for your roof.

Once you have decided which design you want, we ask you to contact your roofing contractor so they can help your ideas regarding your roof become a reality. Then, of course, you should meet with your contractor in a virtual environment to discuss your choice and take the input from the contractor to begin work as soon as possible!

Samples cannot be traditionally provided in the Edmond roofing industry. Hence, you can ask your contractor if he has done any work in Oklahoma City or your neighborhood. In addition, you can visit and assess the quality of craftsmanship and other parameters before you hire someone.

These are just some of the methods you can use to make sure that you choose the best possible shingle for your roof using the latest software and without the physical input from your roofing contractor and minimizing contact opportunities.

Roofing System

The world is very advanced now, and multiple tools have been developed to visualize things in augmented reality better. Some simpler software will enable you to transform a picture and edit them to add objects and blend them in a way that looks almost real. These simulations and visual tricks allow the customers to choose their favorite roofing components and assemble them to build their desired roofing mechanism, from underlayment, shingles, and ventilation systems.

After your model is complete, these systems can help you visualize them on your roof to choose the best roof for you. You can go through this experience with your roofing contractor. Their advice and input regarding choosing components and other materials will help you build a good roofing prototype. You can achieve this through Build Your Roof software, which is available with us.

Roof Installation

The most tedious and demanding task comes after everything is decided and all the plans are made. The roofing contractors don’t have to come up inside and work there. It is now a growing trend that these contractors will remove your roof and fix it outside the house, so there are fewer and fewer chances of contamination and unnecessary contact between the workers and your family members. It is also convenient for the workers to work in the open without worrying about their environment and the owner since there will be no garbage or dust in the house from all the repairs. Moreover, if the workers need to come inside the attic to fix the roof or anything, they can take your permission and do it.

Moreover, we would advise you not to engage in physical conversations with the contractors to avoid spreading the virus and ensure that you are connected with your contractors via phone or text. Again, you can take the help of virtual meeting spaces like Zoom or Google Meet to discuss the project and any queries you might have.
These measures might seem too much for now, but we are confident that you will appreciate how committed we are to helping prevent any COVID-19 cases. Your health, your family members’ health, and our roofing crew’s well-being are paramount. Hence, we urge both parties to strictly adhere to these rules and make the most out of the virtual meeting spaces and other tools designed to limit contact.

We have tried our best to provide a viable, safe, and transparent roofing solution to our clients in Edmond, Norman, and Oklahoma City. Hence, it would be best to not let this virus stop you from doing what is essential for the well-being of your living space and your family members. Make sure to engage with us so we can solve all of your roofing issues in a safe environment so you are worried less about the leaks and damages and can live well.

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