OKC Roofers: The 11 Most Common Problems For You and Your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor To Look Out For

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While caring for your roofing is essential, neglecting and forgetting about the issue can be easy. And many homeowners think they will quickly spot a problem with their rooftop even if problems are going on up top! Unfortunately, it simply isn’t true.

The truth is that even professional OKC roofers sometimes fail to identify potential issues before they become major ones. We will delve into what your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor and you should be aware of.

This passage highlights how often people look at what’s easiest rather than doing something productive or checking themselves against established standards. You need training and experience to see what problems are happening on your roof. We must detect these issues early because our structural integrity will suffer significantly if not!

Our team at OKC Roofers has identified the 11 most common problems for you and your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor to look out for to help you be well-prepared to care for your oklahoma city roof repair as a homeowner.

Maintenance from an Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

It’s no secret that a roof is one of the essential parts of your home. A professional inspection from an Oklahoma Roofing Contractor will help you identify problems

before they become major. This will save time trying to fix them yourself later down the line!

A good rule of thumb for maintaining this essential part of our lives is to have an annual checkup with OKC roofers who knows what they are doing and don’t forget after every storm event.

Repairs from your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

Hiring people who think they can cut corners is one of the most frustrating things about homeownership. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent this. The only measure you can take is to ensure your OKC Roofers are reputable and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of creative OKC roof repair companies out there that don’t always do repairs the way the shingle manufacturer would like it.


Roof and attic ventilation are integral to making your roof last. Ventilation starts with proper soffit vents. The ideal space between soffit vents will depend on your roof’s total square footage (or attic) and the number of soffit vents used to ventilate it. Oklahoma state building code recommends that soffit vents are spaced at equal distances on the sides of your roof under the eaves.

Air will travel from the soffits through the attic and leave out of the Roof vents. Contact a local Oklahoma Roofing Contractor for details. Proper ventilations regulate temperature and moisture levels in the attic. If not routinely checked, heat and moisture can build up, causing damage to rafters, sheathing, shingles, insulation, and rising energy costs. Not to mention is also lead to some ugly mold and mildew problems.

Storm-related Damage

There are many types of storm-related damage that an Oklahoma Roofing contractor must deal with; the most common are Hail and Wind. Typically, when hail or windstorm comes through, it’s wise to get a property inspection from a licensed OKC roof repair company. They will walk your property and note any damage from the storm.

Roof Leaks

You have a problem if it leaks, no matter how complicated or straightforward your roof is. The whole point of roofing in the first place is that they serve as lids on our containers from rainwater getting inside and ruining everything below.

So when one goes wrong with poor quality materials like shingles, there’s nothing more frustrating than discovering this late into an already expensive job! A few potential causes for why people might experience continuous water seepage through their homes’ facades include improperly installed gutters and blown-out chimneys.


Although generally, moisture is not a problem without a leak being present. This is not always the case. Built-up moisture will cause problems, especially if left to rot over time. Moisture will lead to mold and mildew, which will begin to cause rot. The worst part is that it can develop into a more profound problem if it also gets into the walls and poses a threat to the house’s structure.

Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Giving a Poor or Faulty Installation

The quality of your roof is one thing you should never take lightly. It’s expensive and can have a significant impact on the value of your home. Still, even worse than shoddy quality is unqualified OKC roofing contractor companies looking to make some easy money or people who ignore issues as they come up.

There’s no hurry to fix anything until it becomes an emergency. “It takes years before problems begin showing themselves,” says Steve Garten with the America satire website “Garden Watchdog.” “In most cases, if something goes wrong, it’s too late then.”


The best way to avoid damage from overhanging tree limbs is by trimming them back. If you don’t have the heart (or money) for this task, hire professionals who will do it quickly and efficiently without costing too much!

Flashing Issues

When flashing is poorly attached, it can cause open seams and laps, leading to tiles blowing off. This creates a hole in your roof that lets rainwater leak into your home or penetrate all the way through! The best thing you could do about this problem would be to get proper installation from professionals.

Ones who know what they’re doing so no damage will happen during construction. Preventing problems before they start is the best way to ensure your roof lasts as long and is strong. One of many things you can do for this. Only work with reputable companies that are licensed and insured. Also, ensure they have good ratings from the Better Business Bureau (or similar organization).

Ask them about any past complaints or issues so there won’t be anything unexpected when it comes time to fix/rebuild something!

Wind Damage

If you notice any of the following signs on your roof, it could mean high winds have caused some damage. Loose or missing shingles is one clue that might point towards destruction from solid gusts in wintertime.

This is the case because chimney issues arise when powerful storms knock over bricks. Visualize an entire row falling right at once! Similarly, granule loss occurs because big pieces get blown off while little ones stay put after getting coated with ice crystals during cold weather conditions (this isn’t always visible). The last thing you will notice is shingles bending or blowing off.

If you need professional roof repair and roof replacement in Oklahoma City, trust the experts at OKC Roofers to get the job done right. As a top-rated OKC roofing contractor, OKC Roofers has the team and services to help you through the insurance claim process and get the best oklahoma city roof repair and value possible. We will help keep your roof overhead in top condition so you and your family can sleep safe, sound, and protected. Contact Us for a free estimate today and see why we are the best in OKC and its plain to see!

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