15 Questions Homeowners in Oklahoma need to know about their roof

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Owning a home comes with that additional level of responsibility and maintenance that is tied into homeownership. One of the significant areas that we don’t often think about is what to do about the roof. Not to mention how to handle roof repair in general. We’ll go over some common questions covering what OKC roofers should cover. Also what roof repair in OKC looks like.

How long will my roof last?

There are two factors in play here—the type of material you use and how well maintained the roof is. On the low end of the spectrum, three-tab asphalt and wooden roofing will last around 15 to 30 years. Whereas metal roofing and clay shingle roofing lasting upwards of 50 years.

But, of course, these lifespans are only possible if professional roofers properly install the roof in OKC. That means high-quality equipment and proper ventilation and airflow happening on the roof to be.

How much do Oklahoma Roofing Contractors charge for a new roof?

It can be quite an investment to get a new roof or replace an existing one. Keep in mind that in Oklahoma, the range is between ~$3000 to almost $20,000. It all depends primarily on the materials you use for the new roof. For example, asphalt roofing can cost over $5 per square foot. By contrast, higher quality materials such as tile, wood, or metal can cost upwards of ~$15 per square foot in Oklahoma.

After you take in your square footage costs, you want to ensure you have the correct type of experience, which brings up the price so high.

Should I do it myself and forget OKC roofers?

Technically, you can do a roof install yourself, but you really shouldn’t have this as a DIY project. First, the materials can become quite costly; making mistakes increases those costs. Then you need to understand what a roof system is. Then gather all the necessary building permits, roofing ventilation, and the proper disposal of the prior roof.

A professional contractor in Oklahoma will not just handle the installation of your roof but all the project management and operational aspects around it.

Should I mix and match materials/companies (roofing system)?

This question is in regards to brands and the materials they offer. A roof is really a roofing system that combines the outer roofing components. Including additional support structures insulation and the attic as well. Sometimes mixing and matching your roof system saves costs in the short term.

Still, if there’s a defect or an issue with the roofing installation, the various vendors may start pointing the finger at one another. Ignoring trying to resolve it with you, the customer.

What requirements should you ask from your Oklahoma Contractor?

You want to look for a good reputation from your Roofers in OKC. They should have extensive experience in Roof Repair in OKC. Not to mention come highly recommended by other people who have used them.

They should be fully licensed and bonded and have all the necessary insurance policies when it comes to requirements for contractors in Oklahoma. You also want to ensure that they’re certified by the manufacturers of the products they’re offering. The three most common Shingle manufactures are : GAF, Owens Corning , an Certainteed

Ensure they have been in business in the area for several years and have a physical location. Keep in mind that any contractor will ask for a minimal deposit to start the work and not something like 50% upfront.

What if the roof leaks under warranty?

Keep in mind this is a warranty of work done, not insurance in case of damage or Oklahoma weather. Also, OKC roofers’ roofing or craft warranty is typically only for a on average five years, and they state this on your estimate. Due to this, OKC roofers take pride in their work. It should also be easy for them to assess the situation and repair it under the warranty as they are professionals.

What are common mistakes from OKC roofers?

These can be seen as red flags as well. The first issue is if they don’t have someone running the project. It would be advisable to have an entire end-to-end project timeline, estimated budget, and proposed schedule for how long everything will take. Other issues related to the business are being underinsured or not having the correct type of workman’s comp for roofers in OKC.

Then it comes down to the construction itself. Poor placement of flashing or what looks like improper ventilation is a significant issue as that’ll cause problems in the future. Also, the roof should look proper and feel sturdy. There should be no visible nails, and they shouldn’t be penetrating through into the attic.

What kind of roof should I get?

Oklahoma Weather is extraordinary. It can be pretty damaging to roofing, especially with the consistent stream of hail that pelts down on the state annually. If you can look into metal roofing with insulation, that’ll be your best bet. However, keep in mind that’ll go on the higher price point as well.

There are also impact-resistant shingles that are a decent selection and a great idea, considering how the weather is.

What affects my roof?

Two significant components can affect your roof negatively. They are primarily ventilation and insulation. Many people don’t know that airflow is very important in a roof maintaining its integrity.

There needs to be no ventilation, which leads to excessive moisture, which can damage the roof’s inner workings and cause components to freeze in the winter, causing further damage. Moisture can also lead to the growth of algae and mold.

Insulation helps to maintain the temperature to an appropriate point that, combined with proper ventilation, will ensure there’s no additional moisture that can wreak havoc on your roof and lead to extensive roof repair.

I see mold! What do I do?

Mold and algae are dangerous and multiply quickly. If you see it, there’s a good chance that it’s already grown throughout the area, and you will need to remove it. Keep in mind that a simple bleaching solution is quick and effective in eliminating this problem.

In addition, you may want to call in your OKC roofers to come in and take a look to see if it’s just growth. If they’ve caused structural damage, portions need to be replaced.

How do I gauge whether my roof is leaking?

This precaution goes beyond the bucket in the kitchen because the roof is leaking. However, there are some signs that your roof may be leaking in places you cannot see. For example, if you notice moisture buildup due to poor ventilation or insulation. You could also see freezing happening around the roof, which could expand and eventually cause more significant leaks.

Also, if your water dispersal system (i.e., your gutters) is entirely clogged, you need to check the roof after the unclogging because water buildup might have damaged the roofing, which will lead to leaks.

And as always, check if your roof is leaking after a big storm. Better yet, reach out again to your OKC roofers, as that will be much more cost-effective maintenance than letting it become a full-fledged repair.

Should I get extra insurance?

Your homeowner’s insurance should cover damage due to weather that’s consistent with the area in Oklahoma. All types of insurance will factor in the wear and tear of the home, overall. That also includes the age of the home components, including the roof, and other factors.

You may want to consider adding specialized insurance or enhanced homeowners insurance that specifically lends to the repayment of your replacement roof. But, again, the best course of action is to check with your insurance agent. Your contractor in Oklahoma may have some advice to offer as well.

What else should I look out for?

Oklahoma is prone to some nasty weather, and taking a proactive approach to your roofing maintenance is really critical here. First, you want to make sure that you’re confident with your OKC roofers as you’re going to get to know them quite well.

If there’s some type of storm on the horizon, it’s best to prepare for some inevitable roof repair in OKC to happen and give your contractor a call to see how best to prepare. Do a spot check before the storm and after the storm (even with photos).

This before and after measure will help you spot the issues and help your OKC roofers know where to begin the roof repair.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your roofing needs.

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