How to Avoid Roofing Scams in Oklahoma City

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Unfortunately, roofing scams are common in Oklahoma City, leaving many homeowners vulnerable to fraud and subpar workmanship. Scammers often use high-pressure sales tactics and take advantage of homeowners after severe weather events, such as hailstorms or tornadoes. These scams can result in costly repairs, property damage, and even injury to those involved. Knowing how to identify and avoid roofing scams to protect yourself and your property is crucial as a homeowner. In this article, we will explore common roofing scams in Oklahoma City, how to identify them, and what steps you can take to protect yourself from falling victim to them. Be vigilant when dealing with roofing contractors, and take the necessary precautions to ensure you work with a trustworthy professional.

Common Roofing Scams in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, homeowners should be aware of several common roofing scams. One of the most prevalent scams is known as storm chasing. After severe weather events, scammers may travel to affected areas and offer their services to homeowners. They often use high-pressure sales tactics to convince homeowners to sign contracts quickly, claiming they are in high demand and that their services will be more expensive if hired after some time. These scammers may also use subpar materials and perform shoddy work, leaving homeowners with costly repairs down the line.

Another common scam is unlicensed contractors. These scammers may not have the necessary licensing and insurance to perform roofing work, putting the homeowner and the worker at risk. Finally, high-pressure sales tactics are another typical red flag. Contractors may pressure homeowners into signing a contract on the spot or offer unrealistically low prices to entice them. It is essential to be aware of these common roofing scams and to take steps to avoid falling victim to them.

How to Identify Roofing Scams

Identifying roofing scams can be challenging, but there are several signs to look out for. Scammers may need a physical office or have an unprofessional website or social media presence. They may also pressure homeowners into signing contracts or ask for a significant upfront payment. When reviewing a roofing contract, homeowners should ensure that all work and materials are clearly outlined, including warranties or guarantees. If a contractor refuses to provide a written contract, it may be a red flag. Homeowners should also be wary of contractors who ask for cash payments or offer a significant discount for paying in cash. To verify a contractor’s license and insurance, homeowners can contact the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.

The board can confirm whether the contractor has the necessary licenses and insurance for roofing work. Homeowners can also ask for references from previous clients and contact them to inquire about their experience working with the contractor. Homeowners can avoid roofing scams by knowing these signs and taking the necessary steps to verify a contractor’s credentials.

How to Protect Yourself from Roofing Scams

Protecting yourself from roofing scams in Oklahoma City requires a combination of vigilance and research. If you suspect you are being scammed, immediately stop work and contact the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office. They can investigate the contractor and take legal action if necessary. Additionally, homeowners should report any suspected scams to the Better Business Bureau or the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. To find a reputable roofing contractor, ask friends and family for recommendations.

You can also check online reviews and ratings for local contractors. It is essential to obtain multiple quotes and compare them to ensure you get a fair price. When choosing a contractor, look for one that has the necessary licenses and insurance and provides a written contract outlining the work to be performed.

OKC ROOFERS is one of the most trusted and professional roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. By taking the necessary precautions and working with a reputable contractor, homeowners can avoid roofing scams and protect their property and finances.


Avoiding Oklahoma City roofing scams is crucial to protecting yourself and your property. Scammers can leave homeowners with costly repairs, property damage, and injuries. By being aware of common roofing scams and taking the necessary precautions, such as verifying a contractor’s credentials and obtaining a written contract, homeowners can avoid falling victim to these scams. If you suspect you are being scammed, report it immediately to the appropriate authorities. Working with a reputable roofing contractor, such as OKC ROOFERS, can provide peace of mind and ensure that the job is done right the first time. Remember, protecting yourself from roofing scams requires diligence and research, but avoiding the negative consequences of falling victim to a scam is well worth the effort.

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